Three Phase Transformer

3PH Isolation Transformer - IP00-6.3KVA

  • PRIV : 400VAC
  • SEC V : 400VAC
  • Power : 6.3KVA

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3PH Isolation Transformer - IP00-6.3KVA

Isolating Transformer for the safe electrical isolation of the input and output sides The transformer may be used to set up protective measure in accordance with VDE 0100

Rated Input Voltage 3*400VAC
Rated Output Voltage 3*400VAC
Rated Power 6.3KVA
Insulation Class H
Maximum Ambient temprature 50C
Efficiency >96%
Degree of protection IP00
Frequency 50/60HZ
K-Factor K-13
Connection DYN11
WINDING Copper100%
Dim 360*157*355
Weight 55KG


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