About Us

Star Trans company has been established in 1975 with the aim of producing low voltage Transformers and Stabilizers and is proud to work tirelessly over the years using updated facilities and technologies by capable and responsible personal to have even a negligible share in the industry development. .

About Us

Star Trans company with its long and productive experience in designing, calculating, manufacturing and installation is recognized as one of the leading producers of low voltage Transformers and Stabilizers in middle east.

History of the Company

During its history, Star Trans has gained a wide range of manufacturing, installation and commissioning experiences in industries such as oil gas, cement, chemicals, power and water industries, utility services, civil construction, health, food and agriculture.

Our Mission

Becoming a well known brand in the middle east with in the next five years. Being unfailingly loyal towards honest and honorable conduct, and supporting business partners and suppliers who adhere to the same principles. Believing our most valuable asset is our talented personnel. Aiming to create a work environment most conductive to the flourishing of creativity and innovation.

Our Vision

Star Trans Vision is to become internationally recognized brand through providing customers with value added solutions to achieve their business goals in our highly competitive market.