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Star Trans Co. was established in mid 1975 as one of the companies manufacturing electrical transformers in Egypt with our interest in quality as a main factor. The company has developed and modernized production lines to keep pace with the technological development stages until it became a pioneer in the field of transformer industry in Egypt and the Middle East Vision: Innovate solutions for the development and modernization of the transformer industry to become a leading company in the industry Transformers worldwide Mission: Work to achieve the highest quality standards and use the latest technology in the industry of the electrical transformer friendly to the environment with the development and upgrading efficiency of workers in order to reach the institutional distinction in a secure environment to ensure customer satisfaction And now the company covered all the needs of electricity with a special part of the supply of electrical brands world And a variety was added to the manufacture of the oases in the factory Star Transe And also recently has a special part to manufacture all the special lighting bulbs of all kinds and scouts of different types and capabilities

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